Central-Eastern European Oncology meets Western-Northern-Southern European Oncology: Clinical Trial Activities International Conference

4-5 November 2021.
Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

Dear Colleagues,

The Central Eastern European Academy of Oncology (CEEAO), the National Institute of Oncology (NIO) Hungary, and the Hungarian Society of Oncology (MOT) have joined forces in order to design and create well-structured and coordinated collaborative activities between the Central-Eastern European and the Western-Northern-Southern European oncology institutes in care, research, prevention and rehabilitation.

It is our pleasure to announce that the CEEAO is organizing the title conference in order to bring the major European stakeholders together in prospective clinical trial activities and create new, highly innovative collaborations and large-scale clinical trials in a pan-European manner.
We expect that these activities will lead to consortial collaborations between the Cancer Centres and Societies covering all regions of Europe and thereby setting the stage for cooperative participations in Horizon Europe’s Cancer Mission activities for the benefit of the entire European cancer patient population.

Excellent basic, clinical, and translational cancer research programs designed to provide evidence-based treatment options and effective prevention methods is a prerequisite to achieve the overall aim of Europe’s mission-oriented approach against cancer. The ambitious aim is to reach a 10-year survival rate for three quarters of cancer patients by 2030 and to improve their quality of life in Europe at large.
In most European member states, state-of-the-art multidisciplinary cancer care, research and education is coordinated in a centralised manner lead by the accredited cancer centres. As a result of this, specialized oncological care is provided in accordance with the corresponding quality assurance standards, and health care providers are regularly audited in most countries.

Beside these structured activities, regional specificities and cultural differences can sometimes hinder pan-European collaborative activities at large. Our overall aim is to create a bridge between Central - Eastern European and Western-Northern-Southern European endeavours and the specific goals with this international conference are the following:

  • Present the ongoing international scientific collaborations, key personnel, the operation, and expectations of study groups in the field of clinical oncology both on a regional and on an institutional level (accredited institutes).
  • Present the region-specific characteristics of scientific collaborations, key organizations, leading institutes and clinical departments. Key experts in the various fields are to voice their expectations about the scientific collaborations.
  • Provide an overview by comparing and contrasting the legal, bioethical, and data protection environment, as well as the health care financing systems in the different EU regions.
  • Identify common areas of cooperation in clinical trials of research excellence on a regional level as well as for individual centres.
  • Develop the infrastructure, operating procedures and financing of international study groups in the region with leading roles of accredited cancer centres.
  • Identify common areas of cooperation in clinical and translational research in an international and a regional context.
  • Develop networking between Central-Eastern European/Asian (CEEAO member countries) and Western-Northern-Southern European national oncological societies and centres.

With these aims and with the participation of the major stakeholders in the field of clinical trial activities we are excited and optimistic to create a whole new arena for the European clinical and translational cancer research continuum representing all regions within the continent.

Looking forward to seeing you in Budapest!

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